Saturday, February 28, 2009

No News Means Uncertain News (A Non-News Dog Update)

Because my good friends and internet neighbors have their priorities more correctly aligned than mine, I've had alot more personal feedback lately about the travails of my dog, Oly, than about education policy.

To those who asked, thanks, and to those who have commiserated thank you as well.

Making a long story involving fanciful detonations of C-4 explosive throughout a certain, unnamed Walmart o' animal hospital chain location short, Oly is going in this morning for a second nasal biopsy after the first one came back inconclusive.

(long story of being told the results would be back in "48 hours" turning into nine phone calls to VCA [damn, I was going to leave the name of the place out] on Montgomery & Eubank [double damn] over the course of four more days omitted)

I won't speculate on the findings this time around, as we ourselves have chosen at this point to just hug, pet and stroke Oly in lieu of undertaking extremely amateur medical analysis. After his visit/procedure this morning, the idea is that the results will be known in "48 hours", and we'll just take it from there. I guess.

Hug an animal today. Make it two hugs.

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