Saturday, February 14, 2009

In Which My Idea For The Great American Trippy, Surreal Novel is Thwarted By Reality

I've got this great idea for a novel.

It's about this public defender named Robert Umholz, who has to defend this women who named herself for the singer Olivia Newton-John after having a sex change, then married a guy named James Mason (maybe in honor of the British actor who played Humbert Humbert in the Kubrick version of "Lolita" and maybe not), who was 30 years older, and the Newton-John woman who was formerly a man ends up killing the now 73 year-old Mason guy by forcing him to swim laps in their apartment complex pool until he finally just up and dies, and it's all caught on videotape for some reason, and has something to do with laws pertaining to gender and marriage in Kentucky, but the forced swimming/murder actually goes down in Cuyahoga County, Ohio suburbs of Cleveland.

Oh wait, it's a "true" story. And here I am thinking my fertile ceative mind came up with the plot on my own. I kinda liked my James Mason idea, especially.

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Natalie said...

Where do you find this stuff? I mean, what combination of Google search turned up this little tid-bit? Research for the Great American Trippy, Surreal Novel can be a bit dicey, que' no?