Thursday, July 23, 2009

Administrative Housecleaning

No, this post isn't a call for an absolute gutting of school administrators throughout Albuquerque Public Schools. A gutting that would include pillories, stocks, and other supposedly outdated public humiliation devices. Not to mention visibly tying said administrators to rail cars, and having said rail cars slowly leave Alvarado Station while the entire population of Albuquerque waves and cheers wildly, using cheers like "Huzzah!".

This post is about none of that, and I have no reason at present to make such a call (although there are one or two APS principals I shall spend the rest of the day dreamily visualizing as tied to those aforementioned rail cars...with rough, chafing ropes and hard metal rail cars floors that painfully bump heads as the supine principals clackety-clack-clack-clack down the track).

Wow...that went on for a bit. Too much pent up anger or caffeine today, I suppose.

Anyway, all "Administrative Housecleaning" means is that I'm finally giving up on "anonymous" comments. Writing stupid, arguably "funny" things and anonymous comments are fine. Trying to get something done and anonymous comments don't mix.

Besides, this will offer previously anonymous commenters to create wildly inventive names like "Scot: Teacher At Jefferson Middle School, ABQ" or "Scot Key Who Lives at..."

Alright, I'd stop before street addresses, but would urge something more than "MadTeacher" or "Arne Duncan", because I know you're mad and you're not really Arne Duncan.

So, anonymity is dead here at Burque Babble. Let me hit a radio button or two and we'll all be "accountable". If only it were that easy.

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