Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You Think You're Sick of the Heat?

Full Disclosure: I'm sitting in a New Mexico house with Central Air-Conditioning turned down to "igloo".

We're all sick of how hot it has been, especially when it's not a dry heat and the swamp coolers are less than optimally effective.

Well, if you want horrible, unlivable heat try Seattle on days like today. Or Wednesday. Or Thursday.
.. Excessive heat warning remains in effect until 6 PM PDT
... Air stagnation advisory remains in effect until 6 PM PDT
High heat, high humidity and very, very few air-conditioners. Usually the ocean/Puget Sound is its own air-conditioning system. For the next few days the system is broke.

And if you read John Fleck you realize an awful lot of smart folks strongly feel the system might be broken for a long, long time.

P.S.: And don't even think about Portland, Oregon. 103 today. 103. All those cool bike commuters in the Rose City will probably be lying dead on the side of the ultra-bike friendly roads by 4:00 this afternoon. Still, it might be better to be lie dead in cycling Portland than live with a bullet in your bike helmet in supposedly hip Asheville, North Carolina.


Evan said...

Hey Scot, guess where I am right now? Yep - Seattle and Portland. Worst. Timing. Ever.

Anonymous said...

There's also a excessive heat warning in Arizona, where it's 117 today. This is where I am.