Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here's Why Richard Romero Drives Me Crazy

Mayoral candidate Richard Romero and I should be like peanut butter and raspberry jam. Like garlic butter and a baguette. Like beer and bratwurst.

He's a "liberal". I'm a "liberal". He's an ex-educator. I'm an educator. He's a little bit rock n' roll, and I'm a little bit rock n' roll. Okay, I'm guessing on the last one (not to mention the fact I listen to far more Miles Davis than Foghat these days).

So why does this guy continue to piss me off to no end?

Because he just doesn't get it.

Yesterday Marjorie Childress at the Independent writes that Feudal Prince Marty said during his announcement for reelection presser:

“I’ve never supported growth boundaries because we already have them,” he said, listing the river on the west, the mountains on the east, and the pueblos on the north and south.

“The question isn’t whether we grow,” he continued, “but how we grow, what goes in that space, and that’s what I’m committed to — really good planned growth that’s sustainable. I think that’s going to be very important to our future.”

To which Ms. Childress and the Independent correctly point out via their headline to the piece:

ABQ development will continue westward until rooftops hit the Rio Puerco, so says mayor

So it's been two days now since Feudal Prince Marty said this and what have we heard from Richard Romero?


Mr. Romero, can I call you Richard? Because I'd really much rather call you Richard that what I want to call you right now (if you know what I mean).

Dude...you can't let comedy gold quotes like those from the Feudal Prince above waltz right by! Not only does it have the "Rio Puerco" implication, but here's a guy who is claiming to be committed to "really good planned growth"!!!!!!

Dude, Richard...while typing this I can look out my South Valley window and scan up the Mesa (within ABQ city limits) and see some really piss-poor, butt-ugly, as close to unplanned growth as you ever wanna see! Complete with inadequate infrastructure and services (unless you count a Walmart)! And now Feudal Prince dude wants it to go all the way to the glorified arroyo wash known as the Rio Puerco?

Richard, my rock n' roll (I'm guessing) liberal comrade, you should be jumping on this Marty quote like a trampoline at a kid's birthday party. Like Michael Jackson investigators on a prescription slip found at Neverland Ranch. But all I'm getting is...


I swear I'm gonna stomp me some crickets if I don't hear something real soon, real good from my liberal, educating, rock n' roll brother Richard.

P.S.: I had a little wimpy disclaimer here apologizing if Romero was slamming Feudal Prince Marty on this and I just hadn't seen/read it, but evidently he hasn't and no such disclaimer is needed. Oh boy (blogger shakes head while typing)...

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Teresa said...

FYI - Richard Romero just used this quote at a mayoral forum in the NE Heights yesterday. (Sally Mayer's Heart of the Heights forum).