Friday, July 31, 2009

So What Happens If All Educational Hell Breaks Loose?

In other words, what happens if our school district becomes Detroit?

I'd planned on giving the Internets a needed weekend break, but ran across this story from the Detroit Free Press on Detroit Public School (DPS) plans to have private firms take over 17 schools.

The story, the companies, the attempt to ban hiring the companies, and the comments all combine for a general The Road McCarthy-level public school post-apocalypse.

Oh, and when the DPS school board met with the "state-appointed emergency financial manager" brought in to take over the district's extremely wayward budget, the board voted to not work with the Governor-appointed "financial manager" guy, and instead will sue to bar the "financial manager" from hiring the four outside firms in the first place.


Well, I'm feeling better and better about Albuquerque Public Schools with every syllable I read in these Detroit stories! Maybe we should keep these horror tales on hand when things get rough and the NM standardized test scores come out next Tuesday.

Have a good weekend, everybody, and be thankful you don't teach (learn? live? financially manage stuff?) in Detroit.

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