Friday, July 24, 2009

A-B-C. A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing. Always be closing.

"It's good for the respiratory system," Damon said of using blowguns. "It's something you can make yourself. You can get pretty good with one in 10 minutes."
--Steve Damon, "founder of the Oklahoma-based United States Blowgun Association"

Mr. Damon is quoted in a Seattle Times story headlined: "2 Seattle bicyclists shot with darts in Ballard neighborhood".

Thanks Mr. Damon. I've been trying to find some good exercise for my respiratory system. Seems like a blowgun is a good way to go.

And there are just so many targets to practice on. They're like everywhere.

P.S.: Sorry for the obscure movie line in the post's title. Funny thing is, I have an overwhelming urge to go watch "Glengarry Glen Ross" (for the 914th time) right now. Mamet was a hero before he turned into a bit of a schlub. What is it Carlyle said about heroes and hero worship?

Did I really just make a freakin' Thomas Carlyle mention? Man, this really is obscure reference night over at the Babble. Time to stop dealing with such obscurities, and get back to my blowgun practice. I can feel my respiratory system getting better already. Really.

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ched macquigg said...

It occurs to me that if this "blow gunning" really catches on, you might find yourself developing some extra pulmonary capacity trying to avoid being darted, as you pedal around town.

Be careful what you ask for!