Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Burque Babble: Silencer of Liberty (Corrected)

It has come to our attention that changing the setting on comments from "everyone welcome, even crack-pot anonymous people" to "something about Open ID, which your humble blogger doesn't really understand" has deprived freedom-loving Americans (and my guess would be freedom loving Rwandans and Luxembourgians/bourgites/bourglanders as well) from the right to write stupid things.

And I shouldn't be the only person writing stupid things here.

So, I've undertaken the single greatest act of anti-censorship since the Pentagon Papers, and switched the comments here back to "everyone welcome, even crack-pot anonymous people".

Please remember me fondly when having lunch with folks from the Nobel Prize committee. And remember my version of Scot only has one "T" in it. I'd hate to win a Nobel Prize and find out they gave it to Scott instead of Scot. Man, that would piss me off.

But I digress. Comment away. Use the powerful sword that is your keyboard and plough as many paths of logic, argument and prose as you wish. Knock yourselves out, people.

Lastly, reading Coco this morning is not only good, disturbing fun (cops tasering 14-year olds), but alludes to further proof that 99.9% of all internet comments are written by....well...just who are these 99.9% of comments written by? Aliens? Lower forms of animals suddenly equipped with opposable thumbs? Evil robots ? Jim Villanucci? Jim Villanucci-controlled evil robots?

Anyway, the 99.9% above does not apply to comments made here. This is and should be a sacred oasis of wisdom in the huge, intellectually barren desert that is the Internet. Now if only the blogger himself could provide some wisdom...even once.

P.S.: Isn't it fun to read stories/columns from faraway newspapers and the comments to those stories/columns? Isn't it fun to try to figure out just what the Hell is going on in these towns? Take this little Op/Ed piece on local education from some place in North Carolina. Kinda reaffirms your faith in humanity while also kinda making you embarrassed to be human, don't it?

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