Monday, August 03, 2009

AYP NM: On First Blush It Ain't Looking Pretty

Looks like some results are hitting the "wires". A cursory glance at the APS reports shows:
  1. Not a hell of a lot of APS schools will have "Met" status for 2009-2010.
  2. Just like last year, no APS middle school "Met".
  3. Only one high school, Volcano Vista, "Met" (wonder if it was "Safe Harbor"...edit: scratch that theory as Volcano Vista is a new school and didn't even have scores last year)
  4. A few charters are in "good" shape, but most aren't.
  5. The number overall of APS "Met" is far less than 50%. In fact, I get 38 "passing" out of 168 reporting schools...and 14 of those "passing" are charter schools (with funky little statistical/filtering situations I will get into later).
  6. And here's the list of schools who "failed" because of 1, 2, or 3 subgroups. If I may make a small criticism of PED, this is one lousy looking document. There are about 64 ways this important information could be communicated more effectively.
More as it comes in. Edit: Here's the beginning of a deeper "analysis" (warning: high eduwonk geek factor!)

Maybe somebody can think up an AYP Score Results "drinking game". Given the results I'm looking at so far, looks like we're all gonna need a drink or two, PED Secretary Veronica Garcia included.

P.S.: If I read this correctly, the number of APS schools coming "off designation" (i.e. schools previously "failing" who "passed" this year) That one is Sierra Alternative School, and even that school looks to have "Not Met" because of an inadequate graduation rate. For the entire state, the number of "off designation" schools barely fills the top half of one 8.5 x 11 inch spreadsheet page. 13 schools total. And only 8 of those schools (that's 8 in the entire state of New Mexico) show up as "Met".

Frankly, that little spreadsheet page is all-around confusing.

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Anonymous said...

I know most people who are in the special ed game realize that APS has mandated certain programs specifically to address learning disabled children. It has been promoted as researched based! It's supposed to be taught with fidelity! However, since we are now funded so that our classes are full or over full, the district is not supporting us "with fidelity." It's difficult to reach these kids when you have double the number that should be in classes due to the fact that you are trying to maintain a block schedule and trying to provide support in inclusion as well as in self-contained programs. I have never seen so many stressed out teachers in my life. And, of course, with the middle school test scores ... who will get the blame. We will ~ of course.