Wednesday, August 05, 2009

AYP: Other States, Other Scams?

No 50,000 word AYP treatise today, just a link to what might be the Magna Carta and U.S. Constitution combined of AYP regulatory documents.

It's the Alabama "AYP Interpretive Guide"

I'd explain why I think this is the most sublime, elegant and downright tricky piece of bureaucratic prose in educational history, but it would take me 50,000 words to do so.

Besides, why try to compete with a document so deviously formulated and well-written? I am not worthy.

And some people say folks from the Deep South aren't that smart...

Just read it. And yes, it will be on the final exam.

P.S.: I was drawn to the Alabama situation after seeing a stream of "wow, we're fantastic!" newspaper stories on AYP there. Here's just one example. Beautiful. So elegantly tricky; so deliciously devious. I think I might be tearing up. Am I less a man because bureaucratic beauty such as this makes me cry?

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