Monday, August 03, 2009

AYP NM: Your Shining Success Story! Sierra Alternative

From the prepared remarks by NM Public Education Secretary Veronica Garcia in a just concluded press conference:
This year, student achievement goals or AMOs moved and (sic) average of 4% over 2008. New Mexico had a total of 13 schools come of (sic) designation. Please help me in congratulating the following schools:
oSierra Alternative – Albuquerque Public Schools
o Congratulations!
Now look at the actual test results for Sierra Alternative. The actual number of "Full Academic Year" (i.e., those who count toward overall scores) students tested this year: two. No actual proficiency percentages are posted because of privacy concerns. If you only test two kids it's pretty easy to figure out exactly who passed and who didn't.

And this is the success story. Congratulations Sierra Alternative!

For the beginning of a longer look at the numbers, drop on by this post..if you dare.

P.S.: The (sic)s above aren't intended to pick on the Secretary...but those are some godawfully written remarks. Then again, given these scores I wouldn't have wanted to spend much time writing up remarks either.

P.P.S.: I looked back at the Sierra Alternative score report, and I still have no idea why this school was mentioned today. It's got to be a mistake. Maybe they meant Alvarado Elementary instead. Now that's a success story (if one considers doing well/better on these standardized tests worthy of the term "success").


Bruce said...

I teach in Rio Rancho. Where do I go on the PED website to download the individual data for my middle school?
-= Bruce =-

jscotkey said...


Thanks for dropping by. Try this link:

It should be a list of all NM school in District alphabetical order. Enjoy.