Tuesday, September 15, 2009

APS and Facebook: The Uncool Meets the Perhaps Even Less Cool

Friends are giving me unmitigated, and wholly deserved, grief about "joining" Facebook. Yes, I'm "on" Facebook. Yes, I for quite some time railed against this service only to recently, hypocritically, "join" it.

I offer no defense for this lapse in judgment, and only ask: can someone tell me what the big deal is with this "service"? After about a month I still don't get it, or why it was supposedly worth a billion dollars at one point.

Meanwhile, I see now that the Albuquerque Public Schools has a Facebook "presence".

Like I said...I don't get Facebook. If both I and APS are joining this thing it must be very, VERY uncool to join.

Meanwhile, one can easily speculate that this Facebook thing is part of the "new look" for APS and that "social networking" will be a big part of APS.edu Version 2.0 (Emergence From 1993).

Which is surely another sign that both "social networking" and Facebook have jumped the shark, if, in fact, it is possible for things that were never very good to, indeed, "jump the shark".

APS is to technology as Chris Kattan was to "Saturday Night Live", as killing Adriana was to "The Sopranos". Who knows if Facebook will even survive this.

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