Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nothing Like Some Coltrane (and Elvin Jones) After a Hard Day at Work

Some days are harder than others, and some days are bad enough to require some John Coltrane (preferably with Elvin Jones on drums). Finding video from my favorite period (the not quite so screechy late 50's) is pretty darn hard, but here's a section of "Impressions" from 1963, I believe....

Dig Jones in that (flannel?) shirt as part of a wonderful Coltrane/Jones two-shot about four minutes in. Beautiful...

There...the day is now officially survived. We move on.

P.S.: And if you prefer your Coltrane a bit more melodic, may I suggest an immediate listen to "Traneing In" from 1957? Not as famous as some, and with only the perfectly acceptable Art Taylor on drums instead of the outtasight Elvin Jones, but sublime nonetheless. Paul Chambers on bass....yum. Work..what work?

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