Saturday, September 05, 2009

Has Given Up On Paid Content?

The extremely frugal among us have almost certainly noticed that has been totally "free" the last three days or so. Most probably the result of that Tamaya ad contract expiring, but in the past the site would revert to house ads like the unwatchably irritating Journal Sports Desk Shows Up At Your House While You're Eating Cheerios At 6:45 In The Morning Ad.

Personally, outside of John Fleck's stuff the Journal could go away virtually and otherwise and I wouldn't miss it anymore than I'd miss the cancellation of "Big Brother" or any other "Reality Show".

Still, it's the "Paper of Record" (by default at this point), and even the extremely frugal among us find ourselves there to feel the feeble pulse of what's "news" in this remarkably news-free town. And in a statement of faint praise right up there with "well, he is the smartest Dallas Cowboy fan in the world", the Journal certainly outperforms the local TV stations (and their websites).

Damn that's some faint praise there.

Enjoy the free while it lasts folks. Maybe "enjoy" is too strong a word.

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