Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Blogging Light, with Menthol Filtering For Smooth Taste

Okay, no 1500 word entries tonight, just a quick mention or two and some South Valley bitching.

In the simple human stories are never so simple category, the heroine hostage in Atlanta a few months back admits she gave her captor crystal meth. I raise this not to criticize the heroine...hell we all have imperfections. It just adds a depth to the reality that the Christian Right never seems to want to understand or acknowledge.

The Brad Winter/Log Cabin Republicans brouhaha reminds me of the large postcard we here in the South Valley received the weekend immediately before the 2004 Election. Huge B&W photo of two guy kissing way romantic, and LINDA LOPEZ SUPPORTS GAY RIGHTS! in huge font as caption. I tried, but never found out who actually sent that out. Does anybody remember getting that piece of mail? Did anybody find out the shameless bastards who put it out?

That reminds me also to get that photo digital...I'll post it in a day or so. The absolute worst, in my somewhat limited experience, campaign mailer in my political history.

South Valley rant haikus:

Albertson's: a store
so bad we trudge disgusted
and go to Walmart

Walmart is evil
ceaselessly wailing children
shame grows like dense moss

The Sewer Guys are here
again to "really" fix this
time for real, honest!

Okay, I'm no Basho. I'm not even in Rod McKuen territory here...better stick to the 1500 word essays. You, of course, may reply that it makes no difference, my attempts in both areas suck. There is a comments section to say exactly that located about .60 inches below this sentence.

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