Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hi, I'm Robert Vigil

Hi! I'm Robert Vigil, State Treasurer of New Mexico. Below, you can find a new Request For Proposals (RFP) authorized by my office. First, in case you don't know me and my ultra-suave, hands in the pockets, fancy suit self you can check out my recent activities.

Here's the original RFP from my Office...Well, it's still technically my Office.

A 'Burque Trib story about me and my friend Michael Montoya

My State Treasury Homepage...notice the URL says nothing about NM State Government

Here's my biography. Notice that I graduated from New Mexico Highlands, a school that really teaches you how "things work in New Mexico".

Manny Aragon, President of NMHU, exemplifies the University's commitment to scholarship.


Anonymous said...

Robert modestly fails to mention that he is a "genius" (his ass - essment(no pun intended). According to Robby, he graduated Summa Cum Laude at HU (can you imagine what that cost him and who paid?). He also is an budding building contractor, as evidenced by the recent (now halted) contruction on his hacienda in Ribera using "campaign contributions. The most impressive thing about this intellectual giant is that he became a self made millionaire. Iwill let you guess how!

Anonymous said...

Where oh where is our delinquent and supremely stupid public servant, Robert Vigil? He is hiding in Ribera, NM plotting his run for State Treasurer. If you can believe this, he is actually planning to run for this office. What a dunce! Of course, his relatives that were on the dole with their benefactor have turned to religion and pray that like the Pheonix, Rapid Robert will rise from the ashes and soar once more filling his, and their pockets with taxpayer's money once again. I will offer our Resident Genius some advice, save the tax payers some money and your supporters some embarassment. Slit your wrists in a tub of warm water and leave your brain to science so that the study of abnormal psychology can be furthured.

Anonymous said...

This is the most ridiculous site that I've ever seen... If you people don't recall that Robert Vigil got all but one bogus charge dropped! You all believe everything the media says and you are nothing but ignorant fools! How dare you say anything about Robert Vigil's family, they have done nothing to you and you do not have the privilege to speak bad about them! Robert Vigil did nothing wrong and although he is in jail, justice will prevail and he will be set free and compensated for everything he has gone through.