Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Nancy Grace

To create a quality humor column I don't think you really need more than those two words. Nancy Grace. Thanks and have a safe drive home!

In the .24 seconds I viewed her show on Headline News tonight before I realized that it was her, my brain flickered with the realization that all was right with the world.

She was talking about Natalie Holloway missing in Aruba.

Then the oozing pustules immediately formed over my entire body in reaction until I flew past her "show" to the next channel in line.

In its need to immediately repress all knowledge of Ms. Grace and her show, my brain almost succeded in making me forget that she spent much of her show the MONDAY HURRICANE KATRINA RIPPED THROUGH THE GULF COAST on the Holloway topic. In flying through all the "news" choices cable provides, Nancy was classic Orwellian comfort talking about the evil Dutch folks and the desperate Alabama family. Not every family in Southern Alabama, just Natalie Holloway's family.

As I said, my brain was trying to forget, but unfortunately I found at least one reference to the episode on the net.

Can't "Headline News" just go back to endlessly repeating the same vacuous 20 minutes of superficial "news'? Boy, those were the good ole' days.

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Anonymous said...

gawd I hate that woman! She shrieks and flogs the hide off the dead horse. I'm with you. Just keep the same 20 minute loop of news on all night. There is something comforting about it...not sure what tho...

(another ABQ blogger)