Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Five Reasons Why I Can't Get Excited about the Roberts' Hearings

1. The inevitability thing. It's like watching the NCAA Basketball tournament and rooting for that 16 seed. You know that even if they knock off Kansas in the 1st Round, they're just setting ya up for a pummeling. Roberts is the next CJ unless we start talking curly hairs in coke cans right now.

2. Compared to our collective liberal vision of who Bush could have appointed, Roberts seems benign. Of course he hasn't said anything, ever...but that's positively great compared to our imagined candidates (Pat Robertson, Ashcroft, Mephistopheles).

3. The Hearings deflect from the Katrina Bush-bashing. Yes, I know picking a CJ is more important to most of us in the long run. But refer to #1. If it's a done deal, why not just...

4. Put the Roberts shindig on-hold and have THE DAMN HEARINGS ON THE FEDERAL RESPONSE TO KATRINA!

5. Oh wait...the Republicans control both Houses of Congress? Oh, you mean that's why we're not having Katrina hearings instead? Maybe it'll be Mephistopheles for the Sandra Day O'Connor seat. Or worse...Ashcroft. I'm trying to think of a worse choice...nothing's coming to mind. Lex Luthor, no. Mohammar Qaddafi, no. Nope, Ashcroft beats 'em all out, even the Dark Lord of Hell.

November 1, 2006: Off-year Election Day. Man, I can hardly wait.
And it better get here soon, and mean something, something big or we're gonna be wishing it was only Mephistopheles being nominated for the Supreme Court.


Anonymous said...

Hey there!!! It's me, Meena, I finally found your blog!!! Heheh, after almost a whole year of searching I finally found it. Yes, so proud of myself. So how are you? How are the new students this year? Good I hope. Well, I shall talk to you later.

frannyzoo said...

Meena! Thanks for dropping by! Yeah, I gotta work on the marketing angle, but maybe it's best nobody ever reads this stuff.

Hope all is well, and getting better at HHS. Keep in touch and keep checking the blog...maybe it will actually be interesting in the future!