Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Burque Babble Calls Heather Wilson "Frighteningly Irrelevant"

"Heather Calls Obama "Frighteningly Inexperienced"-- Bruce Daniels, ABQJournal.com 7/22/08

Really, soon-to-be-former Representative Wilson? Hmm...what sort of fun can we have with this word in regards to our very own Lame Duck Congressperson?

How about:

"Heather Wilson: Frighteningly Doomed to B-List Fox News Analyst Hell"?


"Heather Wilson: Frighteningly Tied to NippleGate For the Rest of Recorded Time"?


"Heather Wilson: Frighteningly Reminds Burque Babble of Patricia Madrid, Which Is Just Damn Frightening"?

Fun word.

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