Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Newly Formed South Valley Lakefront Properties

Our little hobby farmette in the South Valley has picked up, I'm guessing, almost 3 inches of rain in the past two nights. I saw a posting of just over an inch from the National Weather Service from our Monday night rains. I haven't seen such a post from last night's absolute deluge, but the little "total precipitation" radar view had us squarely in the 1.0-1.5 area, and I'm guessing we were at the high point of that.

As a result, the very occasional body of water we pompously refer to as "Lake EsterKey" is at its highest point in the eight years we've lived down here. You might have seen news reports of mighty mud rivers sweeping cars off Rio Bravo at Broadway. And much of the rather ill-engineered wall o' dirt at University and Rio Bravo is now directly on the road surface at University and Rio Bravo.

Nothing so dramatic here, but our horses and goats have been equipped with SCUBA equipment and flippers nonetheless. Our glorified lawn tractor and manure spreader sits marooned on a distant island, much too far away to do any stall mucking today. Pity.

In a few weeks all this monsoon stuff will be forgotten and Lake EsterKey will be like those throaty toads resoundingly heard throughout the neighborhood last night, hidden once again. But last night was alot of fun, for the toads especially I'm guessing, and who knows, we South Valleyites (ians?....icitos?...anders?) might again win the monsoonal thunderstorm lottery again tonight and things down here could get really interesting.

As in rejoining the Gulf of Mexico, really old school sea bed and all.

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