Thursday, July 31, 2008

One More Cup of Vacation Before I Go...

Before the embers of Summer '08 for us teacher types turn cold, I'm heading out for a camping trip to the Weminuche Wilderness of Colorado. I know it's an empty complaint in a world of the two weeks of vacation per year, but we professional public school educators have only got five or six days left at this point. The Weminuche is a great, secluded place to get the 'ol brain recalibrated for next week, when the staff meetings and other craziness will start all over again.

And heading out this morning I ran across these two quotes from Emmylou Harris, who besides being just about the prettiest, prettiest-singing person on the planet also turns out to share a passion for baseball:
“All I do during baseball season is watch games. I was so pumped the other night when Greg Maddux stole a base! My team is the Braves, but they don't stand much of a chance.”

“We don't really have any baseball fans, except for my stage manager, who is a Cubs fan, and my road manager, who is a Red Sox fan,” said Harris...“Unfortunately for the guys in my band, they have to sit and watch the games. As soon as the show is over, I get on the (tour) bus and watch (ESPN's) 'Baseball Tonight.' ”

And yeah, some of you, more cynical, baseball fans are thinking "the Braves?!?" But folks, this is Emmylou Harris we're talking about here. Cut the woman some slack for having a misguided (angel) point of view folks, she's a big-time baseball fan...and sings real, real pretty.

Think I'll head out of town humming the tune to Emmylou singing "Pancho & Lefty". Kinda corny maybe, but it's Emmylou Freakin' Harris people. She could sing a transcript of a George W. Bush press conference and it would sound good.

Have a good last week of recalibration my teaching colleagues...

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Natalie said...

Have a great last cuppa...!

I love Emmy Lou. Roses in the Snow is one of my favorites. I love some of the work she did with Gram Parsons and particularly like her works with Tony Snow and Ricky Skaggs.

Purest voice... ever.

I've got two days of vaca left and will savor them by eating ice cream and doing a two day movie marathon. I'll have to walk the dogs or some other exercise just so I can fit my butt into my pants.

Happy Campin'!