Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fun With Google and Sitemeter

According to Sitemeter, in straight succession this morning residents of the following cities have run across this humble blog after performing the following searches:
  • Chateau-Tierry, France: searching for "el vado court"
  • Perth, Australia: searching for "lance armstrong tips"
  • Mangaluru, India: searching for "planet where extraterrestrials live on"
  • La Jolla, California: searching for "terri cole seattle washington"
In trying to connect the dots to solve the mystery of why these four consecutive events would occur, some parts are easy. "Terri Cole" and "extraterrestrials" for instance. Still, no grandly unifying thread seems apparent. I'll keep thinking about it while pursuing my own Google search on just where "Mangaluru" is and whether they have a UFO museum there.

P.S.: Hey, Mangaluru means "auspicious place" in Sanskrit! Maybe I need to get back to work.

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