Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Texas, Somebody Else's Texas

City Limit Sign, Moran, Texas 7/21/08

Upon arrival at the Texas/New Mexico border east of Roswell I solemnly declared yesterday that I will NEVER go to Texas again, burying very close relatives excepted.

Extremely close. Cousins, uncles and such...not gonna happen.

It's not all the State's fault, and it's not really the fault of all the people in the State. More like a culmination of things the description/analysis of which would be neither interesting or insightful.

Texas sucks. And as a resident of the place for 26 years I feel both perfectly free to make such an assessment and a little sad about it. But there ya go.

Again, I won't get into the boring particulars like heat, humidity and a steamy tropical forest of evangelical oppressiveness. No, that would be a waste of everybody's time.

Just a couple of parting movie house photos to hang on the blog wall and glance at from time to time as a way of remembering a Lone Star State that ain't all bad.

Real movie house and downtown environs, Eastland, Texas, 7/21/08

Fake movie house used as set for "The Last Picture Show",
Archer City, Texas 7/18/08

Happy Trails, Texas. Happy Trails.


barb said...

Hey, don't give up hope. Many parts of Texas are turning Blue, slowly but surely. And they've got that great Dem Senate candidate Rick Noriega, among others.

Everyone was nice to us, and we were traveling with a bunch of political bumperstickers affixed to our vee-hick-L. AND we're too, you know, HOMOOOO-SEXchuals. They may have sworn behing our backs, but they sure were friendly up front.

Loved the Hill Country and coming down South from Amarillo.

jscotkey said...


Real glad to hear you had a good and supported time down in Austin. I admit my own experience is highly personal and based in North Texas,a far different place than Austin, especially during a Daily Kos convention.

Austin is to Texas as New Orleans is to the United States. Austin during "Netroots Nation" must have been like a thinkin' persons Mardi Gras, and I had half a mind to drive down I-35 a few hours from North Texan Hell to crash the party. Familial obligations made that seem a bit too irresponsible, even for me. Oh well.

P.S.: Love all the Agricultural news and views on the AM stations in the Panhandle, but remind me to tell a story or two about Quitaque, Texas sometime. It's pronounced "Kitty Quay"...really.

marjorie said...

y'all are cracking me up.