Saturday, October 22, 2005

Info Wanted: The KUNM "Strike" of '87

Dear Babblearians/Babbleistas/Babbleites:

I starting some research on the history of KUNM, specifically the "strike" of '87. As a KUNM volunteer in the mid to late '90s, I heard a few stories about the "bad 'ole days", but still haven't seen a definitive report on just what the hell happened. What little I've heard sounds pretty juicy, and I want to talk to folks involved before we're all dead (including, perhaps, KUNM) to get the story out.

Maybe it's already out...can someone lead me to it? The only net cite I can find is a KUNM history in progress (author currently unknown). One cool thing about checking this written history is finding out that Stuart Dyson was KUNM Program Director at one time....

Update: Thanks for all those who have contacted/gotten back in touch with me on the subject. I get the sense from those responding via email, etc. that the "Strike/Debacle/Wars" might make for one of those "This American Life"-esque audio stories. Despite the fact that this means more work for Scot (and who wants that?) , the anecdotes I've heard so far (and the blurry, subjective nature of the histories presented) are too good to pass up.

And of course, I'm still looking for others with knowledge of the events of '87...meanwhile I guess it's time to invest in some of that newfangled digital audio recording equipment I've heard was invented since the dark days of my KUNM "5 O'Clock Report" rip-n-read anchoring of 1995-1997. Man did I suck at reading the news...thankfully there's no tape, analog or otherwise, of that fiasco. Remind me to tell you about my attempt to say "Eddy County Sherriff M.A. 'Chunky' Click" with a straight news-face sometime.

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Michael Kamins, Executive Producer at KNME -

266-4766 (his home phone)