Friday, October 28, 2005

"Three Theory" in Action

My superstitious friends (when not teaching Intelligent Design and Palmistry) are always saying things happen in threes, especially deaths. Well, in one 24 hour period we've had death letters from:

Michael Vigil
Harriet Miers

Looks like Scotter Libby (and yes, even as a former Texan who once worked in Denton for a boss named "Scooter", I realize how stupid a name that is) is gonna be the third death. Actually, I never bought into that three mumbo-jumbo (any look at the obits will tell you that we pass three on the death meter quite easily every day), and I'm still holding out hope for Karl Rove and some other sketchy folks we've never heard of being indicted today in Plame/Wilson/Niger/Cake/Italiano/Outing Gate. In fact, it'd make my weekend by Friday Afternoon. It'd make my Halloween, Dia de los Muertos and everything up to Veterans' Day.

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