Monday, October 03, 2005

Let's Play Guess the City Election Winners! Updated...

But first, I've decided that the only real fun in reading political blogs is in reading the side opposite to yours politically. To wit, check out the Free Republic/Red State immediate reaction to Harriet ( "are we to believe that this woman hasn't had sex outside of marriage over the past several decades? ") Miers' nomination to the Supreme Court.

Maybe killing all the political bloggers from both sides DOES makes sense, after all.

Okay, now, before I am killed as part of the anti-blogger pogrom, a few guesses on tomorrow's city elections.

Mayor: Marty wins without a runoff with 49 percent. Griego pops out a 23%, edging Winter (19%) for the Silver Medal while the Jello Biafra-meets-Lyndon LaRouche types give David "Plan Nine from Outer Space" Steele 5%. Four percent of the ballots are later found in Ohio, ready for possible use in the 2008 Presidential Election.

Pretty much right here...obviously this town doesn't have as many Jello Biafra fans as I thought...Steele gets 2%?

CC #1: Miguel Gomez over Ken Sanchez. Sanchez then officially moves to a residence in District 2, 4, 6 or 8, it really doesn't matter.

Wrong! This is bad news, I'm guessing.

CC #3: Issac Benton over Diana Dorn-Jones (hmmm...hyphenated name... there's a theory there somewhere). More importantly, I think the Orwellian "framing" (and boy do I hate that word) of:

Diana = Marty (now throw us Liberals a bone)

from the crunchy granola types near the University has swung this toward Benton. Not to mention the little bankruptcy/tax lien imbroglio, which I mention only as an excuse to put the word imbroglio in this blog entry.

Ding! Maybe this cancels out the Sanchez win to an extent.

CC #5: Michael Cadigan over Betty Valdez, boring.

ZZZZZ....but I did read that "Cadigan for Mayor 2009" idea with some interest.

CC #7: Maryanne Dickinson over Sally Mayer and assorted mob. This is my wishful thinking lotto guess. C'mon District Seven, go District Seven, you can do it District Seven! Seven! Seven! Seven!

Ack! Not unexpected, but then neither is a hangover after a bottle of cheap tequila.

CC#9: Let's see evil/good....absolute evil 9th Level Slime Monster v. 3rd Level Paladin armed only with a +1 vorpal sword and two-round cloak of invisibility. Tina Cummings or Chris Catechis? I haven't played Dungeons & Dragons in years, but my Paladins always got their butts kicked and I'm afraid Catechis will too. Cummings wins, gets the vorpal sword and another 4 hit points.

Little did I know that some Half-Elf Assassin Cleric with dubious charisma ratings would whack both Cummings and Catechis.

Minimum Wage: See evil/good theory above. I don't think it passes, even though polls are looking good. Turnout is really important here...and it's a direct Griego/"Living" Wage slider, the more Griego support the better the chance for "Living Wage". Unfortunately, many folks are seeing Griego as hopeless and there's no District 6 race to pull lots of uber-liberals into the mix. Close but fails.

This one matters, because if I'm right several people will owe me beers. I need this one....who cares about the people and their "living wage"? ...I'm gonna get free beers here!

This is the one that should instantly catapult me into some cushy "expert" gig on a local Stuart Dyson-esque talk show where I get to say things like "well Stuart, the people of Albuquerque don't like crime" and "well Stuart, the Balloon Fiesta brings in needed tourism revenue despite the large number of fatal automobile accidents it causes." The lousy 31% turnout helped kill this measure, barely.

Meanwhile, now I get to look forward to buying that free six-pack of Stone IPA with other people's money and telling the clerk, "Hey, I got this beer free because the Living Wage initiative didn't pass!" I'm sure the clerk and I will share a jolly laugh over that zinger.

Public Campaign Finance: Passes, and one wonders...just who doesn't want campaign finance reform? Oh, wait, got my answer. Great idea to put this on the ballot, by the way.

Giving the rich Big Brother paranoids something to worry about.

Implement Voter ID: Despite sharing thoughts with some who feel this is nothing but a rabid Republican attempt to lower turnout in upcoming elections, I do think the voting system in New Mexico is half-assed to the point of non-assedness. But this isn't about me. It's about me and what I think will happen tomorrow. I'm saying this passes easily, which is easy to say because it pulled some ridiculous 80% or some-such in the much vilified (albeit perfectly fine) ABQ Journal poll (ridiculously expensive subscription possibly required). Yes, the margin of error was too high, but isn't it always too high in a local/state race?

Giving the poor Big Brother paranoids something to worry about. Hey, that's me! I'm worried, well a bit.

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