Saturday, October 22, 2005

Saturday Morning Coffee-fueled Pondering

As my hands jitter across the keyboard in response to two cups of the beyond-Turkish strong coffee my wife makes, I ponder as a Progressive (with strange Libertarian undercurrents) the following:

Perhaps the best thing that could possibly happen to the NM Democratic Party is Robert Vigil.

Perhaps the second (or absolute) best thing that could happen is that Bill Richardson is no longer Governor.

And a follow-up question that I've been asking my progressive/liberal friends in recent weeks:

In 2006, who would you vote for as NM Governor: Bill Richardson or Gary Johnson?

And let's add the U.S. House 1 question: Patricia Madrid or the increasingly anti-Bush Heather Wilson (if we are to consider going from basically having continuous political sex with W to voting against him three or four times as an increase)?

Okay, the last one is easy, but Patricia Madrid sure as hell isn't putting a spring in my step to enter the voting booth. In fact, to complete the circle, why do I get the feeling that my voting for Patricia Madrid is kinda like voting for Robert Vigil?

Discuss amongst yourselves......

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