Sunday, October 09, 2005

Oh, The Good Ole' Days of November, 2004

Here's that anti-Linda Lopez South Valley attack mailer I was writing about the other day.

It's ancient history now, but we got this juicy kissfest (sorry for the poor scan quality, those are two guys) from:

"Citizens for Change" J. Anzures, Treasurer

the Saturday prior to last November's Election.

Sleaziest ad I've ever seen, personally. Did anyone else ever get this thing? Does anyone know anything about it? I'd love to hear the story. Searches for "Citizens for Change" and "J. Anzures" haven't turned up anything. Ideally, I'd find "J. Anzures", strap him/her in "Clockwork Orange" style (Eyes Wide Open) and force him/her to watch about 48 straight hours of gay porn flicks. I'll be the one putting the eye drops in from time to time.

Can anyone hip me to the lowdown on this lowdown sleaze?

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