Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Give You That Old-Time Religion, Or Else

Religion plays such an important part in some people's lives...and dammit it absolutely has to play a part in everyone elses, too. Glancing at a few recent stories under the Alito, Libby, Influenza radar we get an idea of just how 17th Century Puritanical things might be getting. The Air Force Academy recently got busted for "aggressive evangelizing" but its recent rules in response to lawsuit don't sit well with Focus on the Family (disclaimer: one should only read "family.org" under the influence of strong sedatives).

Then there's a new cervical cancer treatment that Focus on the Family feels might encourage teen sex. Yeah, it's a cancer treatment. As in stopping cancer. Cancer = bad, teen sex = worse than cancer. Now, to be fair, the question is on whether to make the treatment mandatory, always a scary word, but we are talking about cancer here. Of course with recent figures on the prevalence of oral sex, it would seem that teenagers are already working around the abstinence problem.

Which brings us to Samuel Alito and abortion. I'll leave it to the 17.5 billion other blog experts to weigh the merits of the Alito nomination. All I know is that he's a guy. He's potentially replacing a woman on the Supreme Court. And they say George W. might have a touch of a vengeful streak in him. Old Testament-style vengeance perhaps. No word on women turning into pillars of salt yet.

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