Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's An Extended Family Sordid Affair (sing-along)

Okay, I'm just waking up this morning but regarding the latest version of the Robert Vigil Treasurer's Office massacre (in four-part family harmony for the Harvest Festival) in this morning's Journal. (pesky subscription...here's Steve Terrell's story at the SF New Mexican)

  • This is all just fall-down funny in a pathetic, embarrassed way reminiscent of watching your friend throw up on their shoes.
  • Could one of the newspapers construct a Family/Treasury Department Tree ala those really long historical novels? I lost track at the 3rd Gallegos related to Vigil's Uncle.
  • In truly a treasure trove of tasty quotes, my favorite right now (I notice my favorite is changing the more I read it...kinda like a Fountains of Wayne album) comes from Jo Ann Gallegos (she's the one who didn't have to provide a resume to get her job, but is remarkable because she's NOT related to Vigil)....namely, "That was a real good Thanksgiving present from the man they just hired. They didn't give anybody a chance."
    • A. I'm not hip to this "Thanksgiving present" concept. I will now consider my sweet potato topped with marshmellow cream a "present" instead of a "foul tasting, inedible tradition" from now on.
    • B. Too bad about Gallegos' "Thanksgiving Present", but when you consider Robert Vigil had been the gift that keeps on giving for so long, missing one holiday doesn't seem too important.
  • I want to be at the Sam Bregman news conference for this one. "Mr. Vigil did not have family relations with that woman, Ms. Gallegos..."

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