Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Your Former Elected Officials at Work

"I discovered that it was quite easy to get bribes from people who wanted to keep or to obtain business with the State Treasurer's Office..."

"I was not legally entitled to these bribes, but I accepted them because I wanted the money.''

--Michael Montoya, former NM State Treasurer from the "statement of facts" in his plea bargain announced today.

You just can't top court documents for all-around quality humor these days. Meanwhile, I gotta run...have to refresh the Virginia Senate (Did I say Senate...I mean Governor..getting too excited) race results a few hundred thousand more times tonight. It's definitely Election Night-light, but I guess even Michelob Ultra is beer to an alcoholic. Tonight will have to suffice until we get to the primaries next year. Hey, maybe there's a decent school board race in upstate Michigan to check out...let me go look.

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