Sunday, November 27, 2005

Snowy White Underbelly of the Internet

It's a long, long story involving dark obsessions, late night mysterious vigils and, before the Internet, overly frequent furtive phone calls to an older woman. The seductress would say:

"First State Bank is YOUR bank. Time Eleven Twenty-Four, Temperature Thirty One Degrees"

And I would marvel with pleasure, unable to keep from yelping out loud even though my parents told me to go to sleep an hour ago. BELOW FREEZING! SNOW! C'MON SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!

Now, years later, it's not just a temptress' voice. We have pictures. Pictures I spend hours staring at. There is chat porn, there are downloadable videos aplenty...but nothing satisfies my own personal itch like the Wyoming Department of Transportation Highway Conditions web cams system. Trust me, I've screened the wicked web for the best in weather/snow porn, and in clarity of picture, speed in loading and overall stark landscape quality, Wyoming DOT has 'em all beat.

My favorite is the Kemmerer Port of Entry. Now tell me THAT isn't an effective double entendre...

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