Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Greatest Single Problem Facing Mankind

In my half-hearted page refreshing of the Bernco site for tonight's District 9 Run-Off, I was reminded of a comment Primary participant Chris Catechis made somewhere along the line about how crazy mad many District 9 voters were about speed bumps/humps. So between refreshes I checked around a bit and came across the "Dump the Humps" lobby. They say all politics is local, but persuing this site quickly illustrates that while it all may be local, alot of it is also incredibly petty.

It is nice, I guess, that we live in a land where great amounts of energy are expended not on providing basic shelter and gathering food, but instead on whether we should have speed bumps/humps or not. Maybe if we conquer this vital threat to life, liberty and property, we can move on to overcome other big topics such as why our BMW isn't as good on corners as we thought it would be, and how to get all those leaves out of the swimming pool.

Meanwhile, down in the lowly South Valley, I live on a street with speed bumps/humps. They were here when we moved, but we heard that they were the source of quite a political squabble. The street was also the source of an impressive number of SV drag races before they got put in, too. I don't know District 9 at all, but thinking back to Catechis' comments, looking at "Dump the Humps" and the vote count for Don F. (F = Freedom from Speed Bumps/Humps?) Harris, I'd say we on the further left might forget wasting energy on things like Growth Management, Mass Transit and a Living Wage, and instead start developing a Speed Bump/Hump plank. It'll fit on the agenda right next to the proposed "Swimming Pool Leaf Removal Initiative".

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