Tuesday, January 03, 2006

But She's From Albuquerque!

Today the ABQ Trib has this incredibly stupid commentary by Albuquerque native (currently a resident of Planet Wingnut) Linda Chavez about the NSA snooping and why the Democrats are hypocritical traitors because, unlike in the Plame case, they aren't calling for hearings on the leaks involved.

I try to stay somewhat objective and loathe equally both sides of the very thin coin we call a two-party political system, but Chavez' commentary is so egregiously imbecilic in its argumentation and so misses the point of the NSA story that one wonders why the Tribune would print the thing.

Be honest, now Trib...is it because she's an Albuquerque native? Is it because she's Hispanic and an Albuquerque native? Well, if that has anything to do with it, trust me, I've met and talked over the years with a great number of Hispanic Albuquerque natives and I've yet to meet one that has said anything approaching the level of stupidity in the Chavez commentary. I'm also strongly guessing the rest of my life will go by with the record intact. Linda Chavez' January 3, 2006 commentary will go down as the single stupidest sentiment I've ever heard from a Hispanic native of Albuquerque.

So Ms. Chavez has that going for her. Meanwhile, I have two small suggestions:
  1. The Tribune try to find a Hispanic native of Albuquerque other than Ms. Chavez to write their commentaries.
  2. The city considers some sort of legal action to place a restraining order between the words "Linda Chavez" and the word "Albuquerque". Maybe a 15,000 word count barrier, for starters.
In re-reading (man, I AM a glutton for punishment!) the Chavez piece, the more I get the impression she is one of those Bush funded "analysts" Iraq Sunni Leadership/Armstrong Williams style. It might make a good journalistic scavenger hunt to unearth all the undisclosed BushCo (i.e., taxpayer funded) "analysis" here and abroad. I'm sure in 10 years or so enough will have been found to formulate the backbone of several college classes on "Propaganda in the Digital Age". I think I'll start my little clippings collection on the subject with this Chavez piece. Good to have a native Albuquerquean in the collection.

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