Friday, January 27, 2006

Declaration of Blog (Jenga!) Principles

The craziness of the week (and my indirect involvement in a certain time-wasting blogs-as-news- gathering-organizations case study) has led to a degradation of the typical high, high quality of this blog over the last few days. Dirty mental laundry has piled up, intellectual dishes fill the messy sink, general disorder has ruled.

Be assured that mandatory meetings have taken place, parties responsible threatened with termination, and a strong recommittment to getting our blogging house in order (utilizing, implementing and even using TQM, Baldridge Standards and ISO 9000 throughout the "continuous improvement" process) pledged. Finally, let it be known that we are so committed and recommitted to our high standards that we are considering a full day retreat to revise both our vision and mission statements.

Mission work will begin after a muffin breakfast and run until our team building activities/lunch around 11:30 (remembering of course to bring a change of clothes for the ropes course & "fall back into your teammates' arms from a dizzy height with your eyes closed" activity) . Vision statement brainstorming and group wordsmithing will take up the afternoon until we start yawning excessively and laughing at absolutely, absolutely anything in the nervous attempt to acknowledge that the whole day has probably been wasted (not that we didn't know that all along).

The hopeful result of these strategies will be a 'Burque Babble on which you can mouse click in confidence, comfortable in the knowledge that 'BB is, uh, doing whatever the heck would lead you here after the other 22 blogs you scanned this morning, AND pledging to "continuously improve" to do it better today than yesterday, or the day before, and especially a few days ago.

Consider it a declaration of principles, just like in "Citizen Kane", but without gas lights and with more computer RAM. Keep in mind that unlike Charles Foster Kane, Joseph Cotten and all that bunch, we at 'Burque Babble have state-of-the-art human development strategies that will prevent us from becoming wildly out of control tyrants verbally abusing at will those around us who we brazenly manipulate. Do you ever see Charlie Kane participating in team building activities like "fall back into your teammates' arms from a dizzy height with your eyes closed"? Exactly.

To reiterate, consider the above a declaration of principles, a delayed New Year's Resolution, and possibly a cheap excuse for a blog entry topic. But just because it's cheap doesn't mean it isn't true. We're gonna try harder. Really.

Starting tomorrow.

We're not kidding this time.

Faithfully submitted,

'Burque Babble Submitter Person
Sergeant at Arms

(P.S.: yes that is a cheesy Animal House reference)

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