Thursday, January 19, 2006

Don't Just Follow the Pork, Build Your Own Pig

Did I miss this in previous years? The State's Legislative Web Site not only already has a spiffy .pdf (and I don't usually like anything in .pdf) detailing 2006 Capital Outlay Requests so far, (in this case by County) but they even have a form for new requests! That's right, just go here, fill out a few blanks in the web form (my favorite is "Insert the amount you are requesting for the project")and I guess you're on the way to having your legislative pork dream fulfilled.

It's fun just to have the rare opportunity to write dollars figures with commas in them. Let's see, I need $150,000 for "Teacher lounge massage therapy improvements at Jefferson Middle School, Albuquerque". And maybe $500,000 for "Creation and implementation of a 'Death to Those Who Don't Use Turn Signals' secret police organization in Bernalillo County". Hell, I already see a $100,000,000 request from Senator Tim Jennings in Roswell for the "Salt Basin Water Project". $500K to eradicate with extreme prejudice people not using turn signals seems cheap and money very well spent.

I kid of course. $500K would be a drop in the bucket. Better bump that one up nearer to the $2.12 million requested by Senator Harden for "Tucumcari Landfill". And try not to say "Tucumcari Landfill" without smiling. I dare you. See, you thought you could, but you can't.

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