Monday, January 23, 2006

Think Sn....uh, Precipitation of Any Kind

Remember this, i.e. the white, uh, stuff in the photo above?

How about this?

Nah, me neither. Still I have these old photos in which my yard is covered with this mysterious whitish substance. Heck, it even seems to be surrounding Oly, my Golden Retriever, in this shot below...

Maybe it's just a Photoshop effect I can't remember putting on these photos some time back. But I've always sucked at Photoshop and these effects are pretty realistic. In a way, at least.

More news later on this blog (Jenga!) channel while I ponder the white substance. And the Wednesday forecast.

P.S.: Yes, I'm still waiting for the Legislature to do anything...ANYTHING. Until then, it's pixs of the animals and constant staring to see if the chance of precip rises from 20% to 30% on Wednesday. It's a 30 day session, right? This political languor can't last forever, right? How about if I show another goat picture?

The goat never fails to attract. Bring on the sn....uh, precipitation and legislative action fast, furious and haphazardly thought out. Bring it on now.

Update: It's up to 40%! 40% I tell ya!

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