Monday, January 30, 2006

New Mantras For the Old Ceremony

The bodies you see falling from the skyscraper windows across the street are my Left and far Left friends offing themselves in response to the Alito vote. To them I say, sorry, but you should have jumped back in early November 2004. Just think of all the bad things you would have missed, and we all knew an Alito was coming the minute Bush supposedly won Ohio on that truly dark day 15 months ago.

I suppose now that the Alito is here, it is tempting to smash the safety window out with a paperweight and feel the wind in one's hair for a few last fleeting seconds, but that seems a bit counter-productive to me. What really needs to happen instead of some sort of mass political suicide is to remember & recite a simple mantra:


How many times over the years have we told ourselves and others that the most important thing about the Presidency is the Supreme Court? How many times did we hold our nose as we ambivalently voted for milquetoast "Democrats" as we mumbled, "Supreme Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Court" under our stale, organically toothbrushed, soy milk breath?

Now we receive final sentencing on the matter of the 2004 Election and many of us are outraged. But could we really have expected it to come out any different?

Sure we're mad, but our anger has been like the feeling one has writing a terribly big check that someone takes forever to cash. Well, it's been cashed. But it was the writing, not the cashing that caused the problem.

So, to all those wallowing in the lake of fire that is the news on the Alito vote I say:


Win it by trumpeting change within the Milquetoast Party and making it the party of the workers again. Make saying things like "Party of the Workers" seem relevant again instead of some line from an old documentary film in Social Studies. Make sure to hunt down and kill anybody who says "there aren't any choices so why bother". Once more, with feeling...


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