Thursday, January 12, 2006

Orange Barrels, Mormons and Timely Election Results

"Daily Briefing", Wonkette style (i.e., I'm too lazy for anything close to real prose at this point)

  • Just when you're ready to make your loathing of Big Bill Richardson permanent he does something worthwhile like committing $11 million to standardizing all NM county voting systems, including a paper trail for verification.
  • I remember living in the North Valley when the "two lane" Montano bridge opened. As a bicyclist I tried to pretend I was living in some glorious bike-friendly Nirvana where bike lanes were as big as car lanes. I was pretending...we were all pretending.
  • Speaking of Montano, as I write today's fate for the orange barrel crew along that street is being decided. Will the outraged mob of Westsiders be larger than the number of folks attending the MLK march this Sunday?
  • Single-passenger cars - Basic Civil Rights. Westside living - Integrated water fountains. The issues just blur together, don't they?
  • I might be able to move to beautiful Utah after all. A study by the Canadian Justice Department recommends the country legalize polygamy. Now if Ottawa were to also pass some legislation making all Sprite and 7-Up free across the country, I think I'll start picking up some Park City real estate brochures.
  • Oh, I've forgotten to ask for a few days now....when are those official Iraqi elections results coming out?
  • CNN reports: "Final results from the December 15 parliamentary election are expected in the coming weeks."
  • I also wish to personally report that I am expected to lose 30 pounds "in the coming weeks". I can also report that I fully expect to achieve total Buddhist enlightenment "in the coming weeks" as well.

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