Monday, October 23, 2006

Countdown To the "Thrilla"

Just 24 hours until the Wilson/Madrid TV Debate, which given its singular status really should get one of those boxing Pay-Per-View type titles like "The Thrilla With Carla". I know I'm on the record saying debates don't matter, and I'm sticking to that philosophy, but for sheer entertainment-meets-potential embarrassment a long-awaited single TV debate is hard to beat.

Watching C-SPAN's marathon debate coverage (right now it's Hillary Clinton v. John Spencer in New York) has become my "reality show" viewing in the last few weeks. I love the local color aspect of these things, with little touches of uniqueness amid the ubiquitous on-message talk and bubbleheaded TV anchor interrogators. It's great seeing folks from obscure parties get TV face time, such as the "Liberty Union Party" in the Vermont Senate debate and the "Green Rainbow" candidate in the Massachusetts Governor's debate.

And now, since pretty much every other race in NM has gone debate-free, we get to throw almost all our homegrown debate-viewing ya-yas into one single gloriously who-knows-what-the-Hell-will-happen hour of Wilson/Madrid.

23 hours and twenty-one minutes now.

P.S.: I got this emailer about a Democratic Party of NM debate viewing party tomorrow night at the Carom Club, and I was thinking of some sort of live-blog possibilities until I saw they're looking for $50 a person. So I guess instead of playing pool with Diane Denish, I'll just be watching "The Thrilla With Carla" from my couch, surrounded by dogs and cats (and maybe the wife) instead of Democrats. That is, unless someone knows of another viewing party, but only one where laughing/snorting during the embarrassing parts is permitted. Now that I think about it, the Democratic viewing party would have been problematic in regards to laughing/snorting 50% of the time anyway. That wouldn't have worked for me, regardless of Diane Denish's pool game.


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