Monday, October 09, 2006

A Few Seasonally-Related Points

Couldn't let some great seasonal stuff go by unmentioned.
  1. Just saw the first geese of the season walking tiredly in the alfalfa field behind our house. Welcome aviary creatures!
  2. Also just saw a very impressive curling wall cloud introducing what looks to be a wickedly lightning-filled storm to the Valley and the rest of 'Burque.
  3. And yes, I've noticed that the late-night storm early this morning had to put the Sunport over 10 inches for the year... whoo-hoo! Maybe with this one in about three minutes we'll make 11...
  4. Okay, lightning-freaked dog going crazy, and besides not good to be online with millions of volts about...gotta go.
Updated 8:15 P.M.: Okay, we're past the 11 inch precipitation mark now I'm sure, and it just started raining again. My entire backyard is under water, my goats are soaked because they're too wimpy to walk in standing water, and I just saw Jon Tester kick Conrad Burns' ass in the Montana Senate TV Debate via C-SPAN. I know Tester has nothing to do with the first two parts of the last sentence, but on a cool, rainy night it's warming/comforting to see Burns get so thoroughly cooked.

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