Thursday, October 26, 2006

Two Quick Things While He's Away

  1. A thorough final analysis of "Madrid/Wilson I: This Time is the Only Time": Thank God(dess) for the World Series.
  2. My little daydream this morning has been the creation of a new third political party: the "No Bullshit Party". The daydream has gone in many directions, summed up with the slogan "The Party for people who don't want to belong to a Party". Feel free to infuse your own daydreams today with thoughts of what a "No Bullshit Party" would be in your own private mindscape.


Claire said...

The no bullshit party would be where candidates could get up and tell us what they really think, instead of what they think we want or need to hear to feel warm, fuzzy and secure. Or that they think we need to be protected from because we are so psychologically fragile we might be "offended" or traumatized by the real world.

I can dream, can't I?

frannyzoo said...