Thursday, October 19, 2006

"...Sometimes I Just Sits." -- Satchel Paige: Updated

Yeah, I see the post from Johnny Mango at DCF and on his own blog, Albloggerque. You know the one I'm talking about. The one about Heather Wilson.

I've also spent a half hour or so scanning the post by fbihop at Daily Kos, and its many comments. I checked out Democracy for New Mexico, too.

I've seen them and I'm thinking. Just thinking at this point. This is one of those stories that's been floating like space junk for years and years, and it's interesting on so many levels to see it finally re-enter the Earth's atmosphere.

And maybe because of the many levels, the convulutions and permutations, I'm just sitting here and thinking. Maybe it's just that I'm too slow afoot politically, but I can't find myself righteously blaming anybody, not quite yet. I don't find myself blaming Wilson, her husband, the kid (at the time) involved, the police, Johnny Mango, fbihop, DCF, Raw Story, anybody. I especially don't blame YouTube, and find it kind of weird that the removal of Mango's video is seen as some sinister act. It's YouTube, for Christ's sake, not the Library of Congress.

But that's about as far as I've gotten so far. Primarily just sitting and thinking this evening. Not that it means much, but If anything occurs to me I'll be sure to let you know.

Meanwhile, I wonder how many other politiporn junkies, like us, are just sitting and thinking tonight, withholding judgement to see how the space junk settles.

Updated 6:32 A.M.:

Well I'm done sitting and thinking and this is what I think. There are a ton of reasons not to vote for Heather Wilson. This episode isn't one of them, imho.

Now it's possible that some malfeasance took place between the alleged butt grabbing, the folder moving and such, but when the episode (and I do find it interesting that the news never gave this a catchy name like "HoneGate" or "Folder Pot Dome" or anything) and it's hazy, recycled remnants is placed beside much fresher, much more tangible skeletons, it doesn't compare to:

  • Far too often voting in step with the wiles of George W. Bush ('nuff said to get my anti-vote right there)
  • Iraq, and her role on the Intelligence Committee
  • Corporate suck-up positions on prescription drugs, oil and energy concerns
  • A milquetoast position on global warming in-step with her Big Oil allegiance
I'll stop there, but hopefully you get my point and I gotta go to work. Actually, it's especially on media days like these that I'm so very glad to be teaching instead of working in the cesspool of 20-days-to-go political campaigns. There isn't a haz mat suit strong enough for this kinda of sewage.

P.S.: The mention of Hogares in the story is noteworthy and quite depressing to me. I don't have time to get into it, but perhaps some of us who had knew staff or residents of that organization feel the same way, again, this morning.

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