Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Send Foleys, Guns and Woodward: The R's Have Hit The Fan

9/11 Repubmentum is over. Now it's Foley-Gate this, Condi-briefed that and it looks possible, POSSIBLE, the Republicans could lose a house of Congress. P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E. Not a sure thing, not even a dominant paradigm Main Stream Media acknowledged thing. Not yet. And that's good...much better to make it a big surprise, a Donkey jumping out of a Election Day cake wearing a big sash saying "You woke up, America!". Again, just possible.

Meanwhile, it's hard not to notice that in recent days we've had three men go into school buildings and kill girls, a principal, and some more girls. Of course guns were used in every assault. Of course noone is bringing up, Main Stream Media to wackiest blog (at least none I've read), that maybe controlling guns along with the nutjobs who rather easily obtain them is a good idea. I'll shut up, too, about it now. Crazy talk. Nutty to even consider.

And maybe you're like me and the most amazing recently admitted fact among the dazzling array of recently admitted facts out there is the STAGGERING number of daily insurgent attacks against the U.S./"Coalition" forces in Iraq. "Over 800 a week" says Bob Woodward, who is admittedly very irritating but in this case useful in his apparently granted role as "Official Truth Stater". Guess if you write two kiss-ass books about something you are thereby granted this role, while others, like David Gregory recently, who have tried to be objective since Day One can be bitchslapped by W whenever Prez wants.

Great strategy, Woodward...and I admit I didn't know the number of attacks was over 100 per day now. Not that the Government has made that information easy to find. Similarly, since the Main Stream Media stopped giving daily front page reminders of the U.S. war dead the number is as strong as ever (over 70 in September alone) but it's buried like the soldiers deeper in the news, behind Saguaro-gate and other news stories deemed more important by those who wish to help avert our eyes from the deep, scarring embarrassment of Iraq.

And embarrassment and the concomittant psychological denial would seem to be the only thing keeping Bush Administration defenders sane these days. Hey, it's worked for so many dysfunctional families for so long...it might just get the Repubs through the Mid-term election with control in both houses. But it's POSSIBLE. JUST POSSIBLE.....

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