Monday, November 13, 2006

Babble Meta Discussion I: Waiting For Godot/Wilson

It's easy to tell that the bloggin' community is in a collective post-Patsy/Heather hangover, and Burque Babble is fully participant in the malaise, popping ibuprofen and stretching intellectually only as far as to change the remote control from channel to channel.

The geologic pace of vote counting probably isn't helping, but we Burque bloggers need to get off the couch, throw the remote into the newly rekindled fireplace, do some tai-bo and get past the mental sludge created by Election 2006. Let's treat this time as the dawning of a new age. Yeah, like Aquarius, or the Pleistocene. Let's make some New Age Resolutions and commit to following them at least until the next time-wasting distraction dominates our time as much as Madrid/Wilson did.

The following are a few possible New Age Resolutions (NARs) for Burque Babble (I'm still on the couch, remote in hand, merely contemplating these resolutions at this time):
  • Forewith stop any and all political blogging until a time at which Scot can think of the word "politics" without immediately gagging.
  • Turn Burque Babble into the preeminent literary blog in New Mexico, with frequent uses of words/phrases like "meta", "crepuscular dawn" and "post-modern".
  • Make Burque Babble the preeminent ranting about education blog in New Mexico, including words/phrases like "rant", "Mary Lee Martin" and "standardized testing".
  • Lose the words, and just post pictures of my dogs, cats, horses and goats.
  • Strictly post pictures of my goats, but also tell funny stories about them, perhaps including how the funny stories are actually parables illuminating incredibly deep concepts such as redemption and Rowan Atkinson's Mr. Bean character.
  • Join the ever-growing legion of those who have succumbed to the forces of the dark side by turning Babble into a "Bill Richardson for President" blog.
  • Lose any remaining shred of pretense that anyone should take anything said in Babble seriously, and instead stick with writing unintentionally unfunny things just like I've always been doing.
  • Join the ever-growing legion of those who have succumbed to "Borat" fever by turning Babble into the "Entertainment Tonight" of Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen and deliberately uncomfortable comedians and their craft. Entries could include, "Are People Who Haven't Seen Borat Yet Losers?" and "Michael Moore's 'TV Nation': The Seminal Show That Led to Everything from The Colbert Report to Ali G"
  • Note to self: That "TV Nation" riff is gold, Jerry, gold!
  • Stop doing silly, unfocused posts with bulleted lists of unintentionally unfunny things, slap yourself out of this election hangover and get back to writing on the same incoherent mishmash of topics covered over the 250 or so posts of Burque Babble up to this point.
Ah, I can't's such a long list and my brain is dulled to flatline trying to remember the difference between Provisional Ballots and In-Lieu Ballots. Think I'll head to the medicine cabinet for some more ibuprofen and make today's 1000th fruitless trip to the Journal site to see if any new vote totals have come out.

I'll get to this Resolution business tomorrow. And if not by then, surely by the time the Madrid/Wilson vote count or the Holocene geological epoch is over. Whichever comes first.

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