Friday, November 10, 2006

Mea and Mary Culpa

Two mistakes to talk about this morning:

One is mine. Somewhere along the line I got the idea that the new makeup of the Senate was
Democrats 51
Republicans + Joe Lieberman 49

but it's
Democrats + Joe Lieberman 51
Republicans 49

so if Joe Lieberman was to become a full-fledged Republican he would make it 50-50. This gives Joementun alot of possible power, I guess, in the same sort of way that third-party mass transit candidate in Viriginia had an influence in the Senate race there.

I haven't heard any news to indicate Joementum is switching parties, but I was wrong about the influence he could have if he did. Sorry.

Mistake #2 is Mary Herrera. Note I'm not saying Mary Herrera's mistake...I'm saying Mary Herrera IS a mistake.

I'll skip the whole Wilson/Madrid brouhaha, as we are all following that, but did you see the story this morning about the Spanish translation of the ballot? Two quotes from the ABQ Journal story:

"Many of the translations were appalling, at best," said Conny Nichols, referring to the Spanish wording of the local bond issue questions.
"I have never seen a poorer translation done of such crucial information," said Nichols, a member of New Mexico's Translators and Interpreters Association.

and my favorite

Although she's bilingual, Herrera said she did not read over the Spanish questions because she does not read or write Spanish.

Herrera is also a good County Clerk except for the lousy, potentially law-breaking elections she runs, and the pitifully poor ballots she constructs. She'll make an excellent Secretary of State. No news from Herrera on whether she's sorry about anything yet. Maybe she's finding out how to translate "I'm sorry" into Spanish.

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