Sunday, November 05, 2006

Madrid/Wilson Final Polling: You Can Open Your Eyes Now

It's still within the margin of error, but Patsy holds onto her lead in the Journal poll released this morning. Given all the verklemptitiousness since the KOB debate, how many Madrid supporters must have carefully shielded their eyes as they grabbed the Journal this morning, only slowly, so very slowly making a space between the fingers that enabled them to see the shocking news?

Maybe debates really don't matter that much, after all.

Debates might not matter, but GOTV does. Between margin of error and getting the voting meat in the booth seats, Madrid/Wilson should be good for a long night of fingernail-shortening. Over/under on declaration of a about 1:00 A.M? With paper ballots and Benco being Bernco...that might be too early.

And while we're making fundamentally unfounded guesses, here are a few more:

It's pretty clear Lyons is holding on to the Land Office, making it an almost complete sweep of boring races at the state level. Vickie Perea v. Mary Herrera for Secretary of State looks like the only close race, with Mary's hair shield currently retarding Perea infiltration in the polls.

Getting back to Lyons/Baca, it seems to me that Baca's strong pro-environmental views aren't having much effect. The weakness of the environment as an issue this cycle illustrates how voters don't connect the quality of the environment to the quality of their own lives. This disconnect makes me want to violently shake every voter, slapping them like the sleepwalkers that they are. Oh well, who needs glaciers?

By the way, speaking of environmentalists...anybody on a percentage guess on David Bacon in PRC District 4? Can he get 20%?

In the end, Election Night is shaping up to be all about what it's all been about every since Patsy Madrid said she'd run against Heather Wilson. 55 hours or so until the polls close, the only thing more exciting than NM-1 is the fact that the damn thing is almost over. The recorded calls, the faux polls, the tacky mailers, the Clintons/Lauras/Pelosis....almost done for another go-round.

I feel like Lance Armstrong running the New York Marathon today, and I haven't really done anything this election cycle. Finish sight...must make finish line...calves tightening past point of...must make line....arghhhhhhhhhh...

Good luck making it to the finish line everyone.


Mark said...

Scot, so what are you going to blog about when this whole thing is over? ;-)

frannyzoo said...

Mark: Good question. It's been fun, albeit somewhat obsessive to follow Madrid/Wilson. Maybe it's time to switch gears and write about something in the real world for a while. Let's see what we feel like tomorrow night, and what constitutes the "real world" then.