Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Life Beyond Vote Counts

Yes, they are still counting votes. Yes, the counting of each individual vote evidently involves performing all the feats of Hercules, building all Seven Wonders of the World, and making it through a Friday happy hour at O'Neill's.

But enough of that. Let's escape from the cave that is politics, shield our eyes, and look upon the unfamliar landscape of the real world. What stimuli might exist that would be worthy of our heretofore politiporn-obsessed brains? Music, perhaps?

First and most importantly, the Pixies movie loudQUIETloud is coming to The Guild starting Monday. How many times have you wanted to see a Guild flick and missed its short run because it was short and because you are starting to have some rather major memory deficits? Well, directly imprint this information onto whatever section of the brain handles memory stuff (I forget which one it is):

loudQUIETloud, Guild, Monday the 13th through Thursday the 16th.

As in it's over by next Friday. By the way, upcoming weeks at the Guild look good, between John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus, Death of a President and fewer samurai films. I gotta admit, I've reached samurai saturation at this point.

Those preferring quietquietquiet to LOUDLOUDLOUD can join old fogies like me at the upcoming NMSO "Mozart and the Masters Festival at the National Hispanic Cultural Center November 17-19. Conductor Figueroa and his crew will be breaking the mad beats of not only DJ WAM (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), but also J.S. Bach, Haydn, and (imho) some less tasty Romantic stuff like Schubert. Personally preferring the chamber stuff to full orchestra, I'd go with the November 19th third set because it has a Mozart piano quartet and the Beethoven septet. But then again, I'm an old fogy/fogey/fogie.

Before I head off to my laz-y-boy to watch the Matlock marathon on TV Land, I want to mention one more thing musical. Everyone who reads Burque Babble needs to go to the Calexico show on December 3rd. Of course being the un-hipster old guy that I am rapidly becoming I didn't even know about this show until last night, but I think it would be way cool if Burque Babble readers, all four of them, would show up for this gig at the Launchpad. Maybe I could make like Vanity Fair or some big-time mag and reserve the upstairs couch for Babble readers. Which brings up the question, does the Launchpad even have the couch anymore? I haven't seen a Launchpad show since, jeez, Yo La Tengo I think. Then again, there haven't been too many Mozart shows at the Launchpad lately.

So there is a, largely unexplored, world beyond provisional ballots and premature declarations of electoral victory. Feel free to join me and escape from the voting crypt for some rockin' & Mozartin' good times. We Rick Santorum haters feel like dancing these days, anyway.

P.S.: And yes, we've all seen the concession speech still photos, and yes they are funny beyond funny well into scary funny. Whenever I get down in the dumps in future years I will look at those photos for solace, for inspiration, for the knowledge that however screwed up I may be, I will not be as screwed up as Santorum has almost certainly made his own family. Ciao, Rick, keep it wingnutty.

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