Thursday, November 02, 2006

Beneath A Blizzard of Cardstock

You know I've been on the fence in the Madrid/Wilson race...but this 2,417th (insert candidate name here) mailer I just got has really got me thinking. The previous 2,416 mailers had no effect, none whatsoever. But the 2,417th one is swaying me. It's really got me thinking....

Speaking of mailers, this last weekend pre-Election should be good for some of the most unfounded, unfair and unfathomably illogical pieces of cardstock sleaze ever. I fully expect plenty of guys French-kissing guys, U.S. flag draped coffins dripping blood and graphically intense photos of aborted fetuses piled upon befouled flags and Bibles. Thank whatever deity or probability-wheel you choose to worship, it's almost November 7. Only a few more days of this cardstock crap left.

P.S.: Special dishonorable mention to Republican State Treasurer candidate Demesia Padilla for her mailer comparing her ethics to those of James B. Lewis. The ethical points made were ridiculous, trivial and a waste of trees, ink and time ("Bill Richardson gave Lewis money for his campaign!"). But she sure as shootin' got a picture of Lewis on the mailer, just letting everybody know that she's running against a "Black Man". A nice, big as her own picture of Lewis. Nice and big, prominently displayed up there on the top left corner. Subtle, Demesia, subtle.

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