Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Big Bill in BlogLand

Okay, I admit it, I'm really picky when it comes to politicians. On the subject of New Mexico Governors who might go on to the Presidency, sure...I'd rather that Paul Wellstone was resurrected, moved to an efficiency apartment in Taylor Ranch to meet residency requirements and went from there. And yes, I realize that my Wellstone fantasy has both metaphysical and political hindrances, including recent polls indicating that Big Bill Richardson has a 64% approval rating in New Mexico with 77% approval by those who actually define themself as "Liberal". Still, fantasy or no, there is something about Big Bill that makes me think I'll like him much more when he is much farther away from New Mexico. No, not President, but some high post involving diplomacy in the Kucinich Administration (hey, at least Kucinich isn't literally dead!)

So as a Big Bill Ambivalent at best, I ride in the same garishly outfitted boat with many Republicans and other Blue Meanies. A sickening ride that. I need some Billotivation, some Richmentum, some...something. I figured the best way to better digest the Richardson Kool-Aid was to find some partisan blogs and find out why the Average Jennas and Joes of the world are just so wacky about the guy.

America for Richardson: Started by some Non-New Mexicans (all "facts" taken from the sites involved...caveat blogtor), including someone from my previous residence of Olympia, Washington. Subtitled "Growing the Netroots for Bill Richardson, President 2008", the site is as boring as that title. The site is so boring it could be the school lunch menu page from APS or the Tyra Banks Show. Has the usual stories: old baseball scout writes email saying Big Bill was draftable pitcher, Diane Denish really isn't bothered that much by the touching, reviews of the obligatory "I'm Running for President" book, Between Worlds. The site has user blog and forums capability, but there are very few of either. Rating: This site makes me want to vote for Adlai Stevenson...very milquetoast.

Will the Wolf Survive?: This moribund page was started by one of the guys (the Olympia one) at American for Richardson. It very obviously was started simply because of the cool Los Lobos reference...but the blogmaster has decided to just do stuff over at America for Richardson. It does paint the picture that instead of that stupid Fleetwood Mac song the Clintons used, at least a Richardson Inaguration could have a fairly cool song..but one we will all get sick of quickly. Rating: The Wolf Did Not Survive.

BillRichardsonBlog: Two folks named Ian and Andrea started this blog, which at least has some nice photo art on the banner top. They also are better than the two aforementioned blogs in that they find stuff beyond the "Big Bill Touches Alot" and "Big Bill Pitched Real Good" pablum put out in the mainstream press (although they have that, too). Naturally, everything they find is totally pro-Big Bill, including some anti-Hillary stuff, which is always in good taste. It's a pretty good summation of Big Bill's positions, and I even like some of them (the positions...now where's my 6% teacher pay raise, Big Bill...hand it over!). Rating: still not exciting, but at least puts the idea of reaching for the Kool-Aid into the mind.

Bill Richardson for President 2008 Yahoo Group: A small group of the same hard-cores who started the Richardson for America blog...or was that America for Richardson? The Yahoo Group has 67 members, proving that ANY Yahoo Group could have 67 members, a Howie Mandel "Deal or No Deal" Yahoo Group could have 67 members, easy. Hell, a Yahoo Group dedicated to Howie saying "Open the Case" could get 67. But back to Big Bill. This group is mind-numbingly boring...a condition I am finding rampant in this investigation. Messages from Michiganders trying to get Big Bill to visit because it sucks in Michigan. Like this is a new condition. Like Big Bill could do anything to fix the condition. Rating: Wuh? What...oh, I must have fallen asleep, sorry I drooled on your keyboard...that's alot of >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> symbols, ain't it?

Okay, let's face it, all these blogs/groups are so boring as to hardly be worth mentioning. In them I learned basically nothing, except that a very few folks are taking the trouble to start and participate in blogs about Bill Richardson. Perhaps rightly so, it is about 25 months to the 2008 New Hampshire Primary. Still, it's striking that Howard Dean's old web infrastructure, hosted locally by DemocracyforNewMexico is still going strong. Checking around for Wesley Clark, Russ Feingold, Hillary Clinton, etc. shows far more blogging (not that it's interesting in any way) than with Big Bill, and there are plenty of little guy sites (may I interest you in a DraftKucinich2008?) getting traffic. Perhaps this is because the others ran in 2004 and a skeletal blog structure has stayed in place. Maybe it's because Big Bill hasn't announced quite yet, as he has that pesky 2006 Governor's race to get through.

Regardless, I just spent the morning finding out all I could about Big Bill and I'm just as ambivalent about him as ever. For now, when it comes to 2008 I'm sticking with ritual chanting at Paul Wellstone seances. It seems the wisest political choice for me right now.


phat-chance said...

How about closing your eyes and slowly exhaling as you repeat "Feingold."

Andrea said...

Ha ha - thanks a lot for stopping by the BRB, anyway. We'll try to go nuts at some point in the near future.

Emmett said...

No, alas, the blog wolf did not survive. We'll try to be a little less Tyra-esque for you though at AFR.